Cycligent Rankings is the site for data-driven analysis and rankings of professional cycling teams and riders. Our mission is to provide cycling fans with the most in-depth and objective information on the pro peloton.

Using our proprietary ranking system, we rank and rate teams and riders across all disciplines – road, track, cyclo-cross, mountain bike, and more. Our rankings are based on a combination of quantitative performance data and qualitative assessments by our team of cycling experts. This allows us to go beyond wins and losses and measure overall quality and consistency.

The site covers not just the very top tier of the sport but also up-and-coming riders and teams. We focus on insightful and thoughtful analysis that helps explain what the data means regarding actual performance. You’ll find rider profiles, team profiles, race previews and reviews, race tactics and trends analysis, and more.

A team of passionate cycling analysts and journalists founded Cycligent Rankings. We aim to produce the most profound, objective information on pro cycling that helps fans make sense of this complex and exciting sport.