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Who are we

Cycligent Rankings is the site for data-driven analysis and rankings of professional cycling teams and riders. Our mission is to provide cycling fans with the most in-depth and objective information on the pro peloton.

A team of passionate cycling analysts and journalists founded Cycligent Rankings. We aim to produce the most profound, objective information on pro cycling that helps fans make sense of this complex and exciting sport.

What We Do

Our advantages

Comprehensive coverage

By covering all major cycling disciplines – road, track, mountain biking, cyclo-cross – Cycligent Rankings provides a one-stop shop for fans interested in rankings across different types of cycling.

In-depth analysis

The focus on providing in-depth analysis separates Cycligent Rankings from more surface-level ranking sites. The in-depth breakdowns delve deeper into rider and team performance.

Data-driven approach

The rankings seem to be based on actual performance data and metrics rather than subjective opinions. This data-driven approach gives the rankings more authority.


Our rankings, profiles, race analysis and other unique content can keep you up to speed on cycling all year long.